Diespeker & Co

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“History tells us that in 1881, Italian entrepreneur Luigi Odorico sent his sales representative Mr Diespeker and craftsman Giovanni Mariutto to England to research the local terrazzo and mosaic market. But instead of reporting back, Mariutto and Mr. Diespeker’s nephew, a Mr Scentille, instead started Diespeker & Co, one of the first companies to offer terrazzo and mosaic in this country. Diespeker soon became a force to be reckoned with in the sector, adding marble, granite and other materials along the way.

Over the decades, Diespeker has been responsible for significant innovations. In the 1920s we devised the method of creating reinforced precast terrazzo that helped it to become such a popular and versatile commercial material.

Diespeker is proud to have supplied and installed marble, granite and terrazzo for many prestigious sites including the Royal Academy, Oxford University, London Coliseum, Paul Smith, Selfridges and Harrods, restaurants across the country, and innumerable international clients. We are also delighted to have assisted and supported cutting edge artists, sculptors and designers with their projects.” 

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