Canal Grove

Images: Alexander Christie

through the gate a row of early nineteenth century houses facing what used to be the Surrey Canal. Opened to the Old Kent Road in 1807 the canals main purpose was to transport cargo, primarily timber to the Surrey Commercial Docks. (Whittens Timber still in Peckham.) The Grand Surrey Canal closed progressively from the 1940s, with all but the Greenland Dock closing in the 1970s . Original features still remain in the grove like the lampposts and the outline of where a doorway in the wall originally lead to the canal. 2-9 Canal Grove were Grade II listed on 27 September 1972. There is only one street named Canal Grove making it unique in Great Britain.

Find out more information on the Surrey Canal here .

Historical artworks of the Old kent road section of the Surrey Canal can be found here and here.


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