231 Old Kent Road

Images: Alexander Christie


In 2018 Action OKR started a crowdfund campaign to set up ‘Urban Room Old Kent Road’. The plan was for a dedicated space where residents, businesses, researchers, planners, the council, developers and others can come together to debate and plan the future of Old Kent Road. The crowdfund campaign was a success raising over £57,000 including £15,000 from the London Mayors office as part of crowdfund London and £26,125 from Southwark council. Southwark Council decided to set up the space themselves and invited Action OKR to use their space.

Action OKR have run a number of meetings and events in the space including a workshop event for the London Festival of Architecture in 2019 which displayed a scale model of Old Kent Road displaying the current redevelopment plans (see images).

Find out more about the crowdfunding campaign here.

Find out more about how Southwark are using 231 Old Kent Road here.


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