The Old Kent Road is currently the subject of huge redevelopment plans. What do you think your high street should be like? How can we ensure a diverse and thriving future? What should we urge Southwark Council to do?

Drop in to our free workshop for model making, discussion, fact and idea gathering, guided walks and more.

Volunteer architects, planners and academics will be on hand over the weekend to help the discussion, working with local residents and businesses to sketch out a people’s plan for a better Old Kent Road high street.

The outcome of the workshop will be brought together, and will be presented to Southwark Council and developers, advocating a fuller response to the needs and ambitions of local people, both now and in the future.

Guided walks:
8+9 June

Join us for free guided walks around one of South London’s oldest thoroughfares, the Old Kent Road. Discover neglected landmarks, hidden histories, a wealth of industry, and a multitude of multicultural communities. See a different side to a place many people only know as ‘the cheapest square on the Monopoly board’.

The Old Kent Road is has a rich history of pilgrimage and trade; today it’s home to a population of 35,000, as well as microbreweries, multicultural cafes, artists, manufacturers, evangelical churches, independent shops, and more. On our walks you’ll get a sense of how this busy road, instead of being something that divides the area, could be something that unites it within Southwark’s large-scale regeneration plans. How can proposed new developments occupy a boundary space between the past and future of the Old Kent Road?

The walks will run alongside the OKR Design Challenge, fostering a greater understanding of the area’s needs and identity, and helping shape plans for its future.

Walks start at 2pm and last approximately two hours. Walks are free to attend. Children welcome.

Walk 1

Walk 2


Background info:
The workshop and guided walks are part of the London Festival of Architecture.
Here some more information about last year’s Action OKR workshop organised as part of the London Festival of Architecture 2018.
This event is funded through the Action OKR crowdfunding campaign supported by the Mayor of London, Southwark Council and by the Cass School of Architecture at London Metropolitan University.
Action OKR is a collaboration between local residents, businesses and business association Vital OKR and the Peckham Weeklies.