Urban Room Old Kent Road recieved the Mayor’s pledge!

The Urban Room Old Kent Room crowdfunding campaign has gained momentum recently and last night received a pledge of £15,000 from the Mayor of London. Here is what the Mayor’s team said:

“Urban Room Old Kent Road aims to create a dedicated, independent space for residents, businesses, researchers, planners, the Council, developers and others to come together to debate and plan the future of the Old Kent Road ahead of the Bakerloo Line extension and associated regeneration plans that will inevitably follow. It’s a really interesting project. It’s focused on providing a locally run space for a broader, more meaningful type of engagement with the community about this future. We know that it is really, really important and it’s a real opportunity to bring more people into that process.”

Thank you Sadiq!

Now we need to keep going! So we would like more people to express their support by adding their name and £2 (or more) to the crowdfunding campaign. We have until the end of December to reach the funding goal. Please get involved! Make a pledge!