Planning Pub 02 : 25.01.2017 – Nice carpets at Kentish Drovers

Blast its cold! Our second Planning Pub outing takes us to the Kentish Drovers. Pints are even cheaper, £2.55 for a guest ale!

A really good session tonight. The roll of brown paper is now known as The Weekly Script and has taken on mythical significance, becoming the official record of Planning Pub activity. Each meeting will carry on where the last finished, documenting our thoughts, discussions, attendance and drink orders.

See the photos to read the script. We discussed further the concept of small publications and what they may be. Alex and Ulrike brought along some examples. Good progress was made towards finding themes for 3 small ‘Zines’ and should hopefully tie these down next week.

On a side note, Gemma revealed the wonderful world of Weatherspoon’s carpets. Did you know they are commissioned specially, vary wildly and have their own instagram following –