Let’s take planning to the pub

Our regular meeting for Tuesday 22 March 2016 will take place at:

The Lord Nelson, 386 Old Kent Road, SE1 5AA

The Peckham weeklies are currently preparing an event for the London Festival of Architecture 2016 focused on the Old Kent Road “opportunity area”.

‘Opportunity Area’ should suggest the opportunity to do things differently, be inventive, not to repeat and regurgitate what has gone wrong in other places. This opportunity must not be squandered, it must be embraced creatively, carefully, inclusively, not through clumsy destruction, displacement, eviction and expropriation, not by just letting-rip with the raw force of London growth momentum. We must shape our city together, we must all discuss and agree what a good city is like, piece by piece.

For the LFA event and at our regular gathrings the Peckham weeklies seek to bring together residents, local businesses and recent studies of the Old Kent Road prepared by staff and students from the CASS, UCL and LSE.

On Tuesday 22nd March from 7-9pm we will meet again at the northern end of Peckham inĀ The Lord Nelson, 386 Old Kent Road, which is reportedly the last of 33 public houses along the Old Kent Road. Please do come along!

Hope to see you there!FullSizeRender


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