The benefit of local business

Current London planning doctrine seems to view high streets with light industrial space situated alongside an abundance of diverse, locally-grown, non-national-brand businesses as ‘market failures’. Both academic research and feedback from Peckham’s business owners and customers indicate that it is exactly this kind of ad hoc, self-seeded entrepreneurial town centre mix that provides opportunities for a local economy to thrive. Locally owned businesses employ mostly locals, target specific local needs and provide a source of great mutual support and benefit to other local businesses as well as the wider community. They are the connective tissue vital for the healthy functioning of a city and its residents.

Peckham town centre use.
spaces at risk_photo survey

* This study was prepared by the Peckham weeklies in 2015 and presented in June at the event “spaces at risk” organised as part of the London Festival of Architecture 2015.

Peckham town centre use
Mapping produced by Peckham weeklies in 2015