Your favourite play space


The centre of Peckham is a playful place and attracts many young adults with an interest in the arts and socializing. However 88% of those we spoke to choose green spaces as their place for play.

Holly Grove adjacent to Peckham Rye Station is the only green space on Rye Lane and the favourite play space for a group of local children who use it for hide and seek and running around. Asked what could be improved the kids modestly suggested a swing. Warwick Gardens, Peckham Rye and Burgess Park are the parks where most people choose to play in Peckham. They are described as big, clean open spaces where one can do many different things like meet new people, hang out with friends, wind down, study, play with their kids and do sports.

Peckham is London’s latest artistic and creative ‘hotspot’ and many people come to Peckham to have fun, to be inspired and to socialize. Places hosting playful and creative programmes such as the Bussey Building, the multi-storey car park, Bold Tendencies, the Copeland Park as well as the Sassoon Gallery, Peckham Springs, the Brick Brewery, Bar Storey, Sunday Painters and the Refreshment Room together attract large numbers of pleasure seeking visitors to the centre of Peckham.

Frank’s and Bold Tendencies in numbers:

500,000 visitors since it opened in 2007.

Average of 60-70k visitors in the three months it is open from Jul-Sep

50% of visitors live in SE15

50% of visitors live in Greater London

5% are from out of London/international visitors

(based on survey, 2011)