Playtime in Peckham



Last week we asked the people of Peckham about playtime, and you told us all the things you like to do for fun.

But what does play mean? For us, it means anything you want it to mean. It can be organised play – like team sports or outings – or spontaneous play, meeting up with friends and seeing what happens. Indoors or outdoors; with friends or on your own – play is anything you do that gives you pleasure.

We’d love to hear more stories, so if you can think of more ways you like to play please let us know.

So, how do people play in Peckham?

We spoke to a lot of people (of all ages) who like to do their playing outdoors. Peckham Rye is a favourite place to play for many, but there were other pockets of green space the people mentioned as well. We spoke to skaters, cyclists, footballers, and gardeners who all find outdoor places to play locally.

We also met people who love people. Their way to play is meeting other people – in the market, at Franks, at the park, on the streets, and at the hairdressers. We heard about how friendly the area is, but that there are few places for adults to meet and socialise without alcohol.

Art, theatre and dance were all popular ways to play too. Including organised groups and clubs for kids to more informal involvement from adults. When we asked people what would make playing in Peckham better, a few people asked for more opportunities for people to be actively involved in creating art and culture, as well as more youth activities.

As well as finding out how you all like to play, we asked specifically about the station and if the area in front of it should be a place of play? The majority said yes. A few people said no. And lots of people had great ideas for how it could be a play place without getting in the way of people using the station.

Angus suggested it should have an informal performance space with a big rocking chair where people could rock together. Marta wants to see public art with involvement from local schools and maybe something like the graffiti fence at Franks. Abiola suggested outdoor gym equipment for kids and adults, and Albi and Fiachra wanted a water fountain to run through.

Not everyone wants the station square to be a full on playground though. People voiced concerns about safety if there are people running around in front of the station. Others were happy for it to be a place of quiet, relaxed play but would like it to be as calm as possible.

So what do you think? Would you rock in Angus’s giant shared rocking chair? Or do you have your own ideas for how the station area could help the people of Peckham play.