assemble architects

21 Jul 2015 | visit from Turner-prize nominated architects Assemble

In the interests of our continuing explorations on what our neighbourhood means to us and how we can positively influence Peckham’s regeneration, we have invited a member of the Turner-prize nominated architecture collective Assemble to come and talk with us on Tuesday, July 21st. Assemble are masters at creating something out of nothing, working closely with communities to turn neglected or ‘found’ spaces into theatres, cinemas, playgrounds, community centres and workshops. The Liverpool project which brought them to the attention of the Turner committee is harnessing the momentum, skills and ideas of an enduring residential community that has resisted demolition of their Victorian terraces and helping them to deliver a sustainable and ‘slow regeneration’ approach.If you want to be inspired by their can-do attitude, then come and listen/take part.
7pm at the community hall behind All Saint’s Church on Blenheim Grove. July 21st 2015.

Please use whatever media – social, print, email, carrier pigeon, whatever – you can to make sure we make the most of this opportunity to be inspired by examples of what communities can do to improve and enhance their own neighbourhood.